LULA™ 410 Description

Operating costs: The small engine drives only the critical components, and delivers an operating cost of approximately R10 per hour.

Maintenance: Highly skilled specialised technicians are not required as the machine only requires simple maintenance.

Mobility: No heavy transport is required as the machine is highly mobile and can be towed behind most vehicles.

Attachments: Multiple attachment options are possible e.g. Crane hook, ripper etc.

Easy operation: In less than two hours the average untrained operator can be working efficiently.


Power Source Petrol Enjin (13hp) plus hydraulic pump
Dimensions (Working) Width: 1510mm to 2200mm
Length: (+/-) 3500mm
Bucket Size 300mm, 375mm or 450mm
Loading Height 2100mm
Reach Distance 3600mm
Ripping Force 2450kg @ 140bar
Bucket Rotation 120 degrees
Maximum Depth 2300mm
Total Weight 700kg
Specifications may change without notice.
LULA™ 410 Backhoe

Can be towed behind most vehicles.

LULA™ 410 Backhoe

Petrol engine plus hydraulic pump.

LULA™ 410 Backhoe

2450 kg Ripping force.

LULA™ 410 Digging to Towing

  • STEP 1: Tilt the machine, using the bucket and the boom
  • STEP 2: Remove the stabilizer and the wheel
  • STEP 3: Stow the stablizer under the seat; move the wheel forward and fix it in the towing position
  • STEP 4: Tilt the machine the opposite way and repeat steps 2-3
  • STEP 5: Add the drawbar.

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